Our Honeys

Here at New Zealand Alpine Honey we pride ourselves on producing the world’s finest monofloral honey, famous for their natural, fragrant and distinctive flavours and for the health benefits they bring.

The stunning Southern Alps of New Zealand provide an abundance of native nectar sources for our bees to feast upon. Our range of honeys express a wide variety of tastes, colours and textures which give each honey its own distinctive character.

We aim to educate people about the wonderful natural variety different types of honey offer and use our knowledge and expertise to showcase each honey’s unique properties and flavours.

All our honey is produced in areas of outstanding natural beauty and are the essence of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Beech Forest Honeydew Honey

This highly prized honey is collected in native beech forests across the Southern Alps. This unique honey is produced when a small aphid eats the sap of beech trees and excretes a sweet sugary liquid. Honeybees gather this liquid and turn it into delicious honeydew honey.

Our Beech Forest Honeydew honey contains high levels of complex sugars which help maintain and promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. This provides essential pre-biotic material which feed pro-biotic bacteria helping maintain the delicate gut microbiome.

Manuka Honey +650 MG

Our +650 MG Manuka honey is a rare and precious honey produced from the nectar of the native manuka plant, a scrubby tree which grows in valleys and pastures across New Zealand

Independently tested for MG (Methylglyoxal) activity by an internationally accredited New Zealand government approved laboratory.

Our Manuka Honey has an MG rating of +650, which means it has +650 mg of methylglyoxal per kg.

Methylglyoxal (MG) occurs naturally in manuka honey and gives it its unique natural antibacterial properties.

Manuka Honey
& Lemon +131 MG

Our Manuka honey & lemon is collected by bees from wild and remote areas of South Island, New Zealand. Our Manuka honey & lemon contains pure Manuka honey with added lemon oil and lemon concentrate (1%)

Packed full of natural goodness, with a vibrant citrus twist. This delicious combination is the perfect addition to a throat soothing hot drink to beat away those winter blues.

Thyme Honey

Our Thyme honey is harvested by bees in the rugged mountains and far reaching alpine plateaux’s around Alexandra in New Zealand’s Central Otago region.

Thyme honey contains one of the highest antioxidant activity ratings in the world, three to four times higher than other honey.

Thyme honey is intensely aromatic and herby and goes brilliantly with many savoury dishes. Add a spoonful to your favourite hearty stew, noddle dish or nutty tahini salad dressing to bring that exquisite depth of flavour.

Wild Forest Honey

This golden honey is collected by bees from the native, ancient temperate rain forest in the Fiordland and Catlins Regions of the South Island. The pristine forests provide an abundance of native floral sources including the Rata and Kamahi trees.

Our Wild Forest honey is delicious spread over your morning toast or smothered on freshly baked bread. It is a perfect natural replacement for sugar, in your baking, cooking or in your afternoon cup of tea.

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