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Our Manuka honey is sourced from the wild and remote Southern Alps of New Zealand. Every Summer for 3-4 weeks the native Manuka bush bursts into flower covering the high alpine valleys and pastures in a sea of pearl white flowers.  This provides a floral feast for our bees to feed upon in one of the most unpopulated and untouched environments in the world.

Health Benefits

The natural medicinal properties of honey have been well documented for thousands of years. The antimicrobial activity in most honey is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. However this reduces in strength over time.

Manuka honey stands out from other honey because instead of reducing in strength the levels of antibacterial and antimicrobial activity increase with time, due to the presence of naturally occurring Methylglyoxal.

Methylglyoxal (MG), is a key indicator compound found in Manuka honey. There has been substantial research into its health and medicinal benefits, supporting its use to help supress some antibiotic resistant bacteria, assist in healing surface wounds and prevent the onset of sore throats and flu like symptoms.

Our Manuka honey grading system directly measures MG per kg. The MG number indicates the strength of our Manuka, the higher the MG score the stronger the activity level.

Why is Manuka so Valuable?

Manuka comes from the most remote, hard to reach locations, sometimes only accessibly by air.

Methylglyoxal (MG), found in most honeys in small quantities – is up to 100 times stronger in Manuka honey, giving it incredible antimicrobial activity.

There is a very small harvest period in which bees can collect nectar from the manuka plant and this can fluctuate hugely from year to year.

Our Manuka is independently tested by a government approved lab to ensuring you are getting the real deal!  

Best Uses

Manuka honey is incredibly versatile and can be used nutritionally and medicinally to help boost, sooth and rejuvenate.

Drizzle over Greek yogurt, breakfast muesli or simply have it straight from the spoon to give yourself a morning boost.

Add a teaspoon to any salad dressing, healthy smoothie or honey and lemon tea to rejuvenate energy levels.

Apply to troublesome acne, eczema or certain surface wounds and ailments to sooth and aid healing.

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