Our Story

A fascination with bees and beekeeping is not particularly common in a man of 23. However, co-founder Rob bucked that trend and started on his beekeeping journey in the Cornish town of Bude, attending an introduction to beekeeping course. This fuelled his passion making him eager to learn more.

With a trip to New Zealand planned, Rob seized the opportunity to explore the beekeeping mecca of the world.

In search of a job to immerse himself in the trade, Rob met master beekeeper and fellow company co-founder Peter Ward; Pete could see the raw beekeeping passion and enthusiasm in Rob, and quickly offered him a job working for his small family beekeeping business in the alpine town of Wanaka.

For two years under the expert guidance of Pete and his two sons, Rob delved deep into the craft of beekeeping, learning all about New Zealand’s world-renowned honeys. 

Upon returning to the UK, Rob worked as a beekeeper in the South West of England. It became apparent to Rob that there were very distinct differences in the honey being produced in the UK than that in New Zealand.

The honey produced in New Zealand, is often mono-floral honey meaning it predominantly contains nectar from just one flower source. From the Thyme smothered hills of Central Otago to the Manuka covered alpine valleys of the southern alps, native plants grow in abundance across vast untouched areas, providing natural mono-culture habitats for bees to forage nectar.

Straight from Source

Rob saw an opportunity to bring these unique New Zealand honeys to the UK by joining forces with his old mentor, Pete. Pete readily agreed, and Rob set up New Zealand Alpine Honey, based here in the UK. Cutting out the ‘middleman’ Rob brings these pure, delicious New Zealand honeys straight from source to your table!

A Natural Alternative

Not only does New Zealand Alpine Honey provide you with unique tastes and flavours but the honey has phenomenal health benefits.

Manuka honey is world renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and our +650MG Manuka honey is one of the strongest you will find.

The Beech Forest Honeydew Honey is a known prebiotic food and helps feed probiotic bacteria in the gut.

Thyme Honey contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any honey in the world!

With increasing awareness of the negative effects refined sugar is having on our health and wellbeing, honey is fabulous 100% natural alternative.

Looking to the Future

Rob is using his knowledge, skills and experiences to spread the word about New Zealand honey, showcasing the wonderful variety, properties and uses they have to offer.

Working together with Pete he will be sourcing the best honey New Zealand has to offer, straight from the wilderness of the Southern Alps.

So, make sure you check out our honey online or come and say hello to Rob as he tours markets and food festivals this autumn and winter.

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