100% UK Wild Flower Seed Packets


Handmade in the UK, our Wild Flower seeds packets are full of annual and perennial nectar rich Wild Flowers, helping to create beautiful gardens and landscapes for you and bees to enjoy together.


£1 from every seed packet sold is donated towards UK bee, meadow and pollinator friendly conservation charities.


Planting instructions included with packet.

Seed weight -12g

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Over the past 70 years the UK countryside has seen a remarkable loss of 97% of its wild flower meadows. 


These species rich habitats created an abundance of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinators to feed on and rely upon for their survival. 

Our 100% UK Wild Flower meadow seed packs are one of many ways we are trying to give back to nature, helping to create a patch work of meadows, which will help support our bees in these troublesome times. 

£1 from every packet is donated to conservation charities who are working tirelessly to conserve and create beautiful  Wild Flower meadows in the UK.

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12g Seed weight


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