Best of Both Manuka Twin Pack


Our best of both Manuka twin pack offers a great opportunity to try both our luxurious Manuka honeys together.


Containing one jar of our high strength +650MG Manuka honey and one jar of our everyday +131MG Manuka honey with lemon, giving you a manuka for every occasion.

250g, 340g

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The first jar in our best of both pack is our rare +650 MG Manuka. This high strength Manuka offers up deep and robust natural flavours and is perfect to help fight those winter colds.



The second jar is our wonderful everyday +131 Manuka honey and lemon. This medium strength manuka is mixed with 1% lemon oil, giving it a vibrant citrus twist.


Methylglyoxal (MG) occurs naturally in Manuka honey and displays antimicrobial activity which is known to kill certain types of bacteria, making Manuka honey the number one honey in the world for treating cold and flu symptoms.

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