Manuka Honey & Lemon

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Delicious manuka honey with a vibrant citrus twist, perfect in any hot drink to sooth and rejuvenate.

Contains at least 131 mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MG)


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Our Manuka Honey & lemon is collected by bees from wild and remote areas of South Island, New Zealand. Our Manuka Honey & Lemon contains pure manuka honey with added lemon oil and concentrate (1%).  

Packed full of natural goodness, with a vibrant citrus twist. This delicious combination is the perfect addition to a throat soothing hot lemon and ginger tea or spread over fresh bread. 

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1 review for Manuka Honey & Lemon

  1. Rachel Opit (verified owner)

    Speedy service! Ordered weds afternoon, arrived Friday morning! The lemon Manuka is absolutely delicious! Looking forward to trying it on all sorts of different food (and perfect in a whisky or two!)

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