Nature’s Energy Pack

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Taste your way through New Zealand’s spectacular Southern alps with our Nature’s Energy pack,  100% natural products to give you a boost this spring and a great value way to explore a selection of our delicious mono floral honey.


+131MG Manuka honey and lemon, Beech Forest Honeydew honey, Wild Forest honey and Thyme honey.

340g, 340g, 340g, 250g

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Our +131MG Manuka honey with lemon is a great everyday manuka, perfect added to hot drinks to sooth sore throats and aid recovery.


Our deliciously smooth and malty Beech Forest Honeydew honey is foraged by bees in ancient beech forest and provides prebiotic material which feeds good probiotic gut bacteria.

Our soft set Wild Forest honey is packed full of native nectar sources from the wild west coast of New Zealand. Delightful floral flavour with luxurious creamy texture.


Our Thyme honey is intensely aromatic with deep herby flavours and contains one of the highest anti-oxidant ratings of any honey in the world. Perfect for adding great floral flavour to your favourite savoury recipes and cakes.


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