Alpine Health Pack

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Our Alpine Health pack is a wonderful way to give yourself a natural boost. Includes two jars of our world renowned Manuka honey, independently tested by government approved lab to verify authenticity.


+650MG Manuka honey, +131MG Manuka honey and lemon, Beech Forest Honeydew honey, Thyme honey

250g, 340g, 340g, 250g

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Our high strength +650MG Manuka honey is a rare and precious Manuka, loaded with health benefits. Famous for its natural antimircobial activity which is known to kill certain types of bacteria, Manuka honey is incredibly versitile and can be used to sooth, repair and rejuvenate many ailments.


Our +131MG Manuka honey with lemon is a great everyday manuka, perfect added to hot drinks to sooth sore throats and aid recovery.

Our deliciously smooth and malty Beech Forest Honeydew honey is foraged by bees in ancient beech forest and  provides prebiotic material which feeds good probiotic gut bacteria.


Our Thyme honey is intensely aromatic with deep herby flavours and contains one of the highest anti-oxidant ratings of any honey in the world. Perfect for adding great floral flavour to your favourite savoury recipes and cakes.


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