Forest Feast Twin Pack


Our Forest Feast twin pack combines our two fantastic forest honeys, both harvested from New Zealand’s ancient Forests.


Contains one jar of our unique Beech Forest Honeydew honey, known to be a natural prebiotic and one jar of our soft, buttery Wild Forest honey. Fabulous breakfast honeys combo!

340g, 340g

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Beech Forest Honeydew honey is a deep red, soft and silky honey that has a wonderful depth of flavour.  Delightful drizzled over fresh bread or spooned onto homemade granola.  


This rather unique honey is a known prebiotic, full of complex sugars which feed probiotic gut bacteria helping maintain the delicate microbiome. 100% natural, taste good and is good for you!

Our Wild Forest Honey has a wonderful soft set texture which will make any honey lover melt. 

Delicious spread over your morning toast or smothered on freshly baked bread. It is a perfect natural replacement for sugar in your baking and will add that extra floral depth to any recipe.

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